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Caracatta & Calcutta

The currently driven-trend could be increasingly interesting in using a diversity of stones being as a surfaced finishing material, especially Caracatta Marble and Calcutta Quartz. Exhibiting profound veining and modern and timeless beauty, stone stabs change the interior environment to be fresh, clean and durable, and could ensure everyday function. Caracatta and Calcutta are usually confused with their shape and hue; however, they own the particular beauty to bring the different interior atmosphere for your décor.

Almost veining of Caracatta and Calcutta are silver in the white background. Nonetheless, the difference is that Calcutta will be softer grey marble veining and usually be minor, thin and dramatic while Caracatta tends to be greyer with rougher and thicker veining. If setting them side by side, certainly we will realize that Caracatta veining seems to be pre-arranged and looks like distinct layouts more than Calcutta. The running way alongside Calcutta veining gets a random disposition with being uniformity.

PHUC THANH AN would like to present two specific High-Pressure Laminate which are symbolized for unique characteristics of Caracatta and Calcutta, are 8150 Caracatta and 4925 Calcutta Marbles. We are looking forward to supporting our customers to substitute and expand their unlimited imagination in interior spaces.

1. 8150 Caracatta:

8150 Caracatta

Caracatta owns two cool-tone, white and grey stones that sometimes have a grainy background as spidery veins. Holding an original and raw beauty, 8150 Caracatta – a light-grey stone with the exquisite veining creates the specifically chunky texture as broken mirrors grafting each other.

Caracatta stone has easier to use even in small positions such as lavabo, kitchen island, backsplash. Moreover, due to the grey hue is a perfect choice for interior spaces followed by modern, elegant, luxury and white-tone concepts. Besides, we can use Caracatta to panel a stone-painting as like a background or a corner in the living room, besides the pure white lobby in the hotel.

2. 4925 Calcutta Marbles

4925 Calcutta Marbels

A perfectly spitting image of monumental and magnificent, Calcutta performs a striking appearance without even seeing in other materials. The veining are detail-oriented or larger, if putting in an overall view, we can watch the dramatic veining is limited by grey veins being cross-wired and running alongside the pure white background, sometimes little grey ridges are scattered.

Calcutta is commonly applied as like a surfaced finishing material for detailed furniture or pressing in the bathroom. It looks like the ancient architecture brings a sense of richness and elegance in the interior decoration regardless of era.

PHUC THANH AN would like to suggest a variety of Interior Designs to decorate your home and working place. Assisting our customers to find the perfect products is our top priority.

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