Phuc Thanh An's flame retardant materials.

Flame retardant materials for interior: Laminate and Interior Film

In the field of construction and interior decoration, fire protection is the top criterion that customers need to pay attention to. To meet this demand, Phuc Thanh An company is providing effective and diversified flame retardant materials.

In this article, Phuc Thanh An will introduce to you two typical flame retardant materials – laminate and interior film.

Flame retardant materials - Ensure maximum safety for your place!

Fire-related accidents are becoming more and more serious, causing a lot of loss of life and property. Therefore, the selection of flame retardant materials for construction and interior works is very necessary.

Flame retardant materials prevent the spread of fire and heat rays when a fire occurs, and also reduce the amount of smoke released into the environment. As a result, flame retardant materials contribute to the safety of people and property.

flame retardant laminate

Flame Retardant Laminate - The perfect choice for a stable and safe space!

Flame retardant laminate from Phuc Thanh An is the perfect combination of aesthetics and safe fireproof features. 

With advanced technology, our flame retardant laminate meets ASTM E 84 standard of the American Society for Testing and Materials, one of the world’s leading certifications for fire safety.

Here are the outstanding benefits of Phuc Thanh An’s flame retardant laminate:

1. Outstanding fire resistance

Flame retardant laminate is designed with a special composition, which helps to prevent and limit the spread of fire in the event of a fire.

2. Diversity of designs and colors

Phuc Thanh An’s flame retardant laminate is available in a variety of designs and colors, making it easy for you to choose and design your space in your own style.

3. Sustainable and easy to clean

High quality laminate material increases durability and water resistance, easy to clean and maintain for a long time.

interior film

Flame retardant interior film - Protective coating for furniture

Not only stopping at  flame retardant laminate, Phuc Thanh An also offers another perfect solution to protect your living space – that is flame retardant interior film.

With outstanding advantages, flame retardant interior films from Phuc Thanh An has become the first choice of many families and businesses:

1. Safe material

Flame retardant interior films are manufactured from safe, non-toxic and reliable materials in preventing fire spread and providing maximum protection for living spaces.

2. High economic efficiency

Flame retardant interior film has a relatively reasonable price compared to other similar products on the market.

3. Easy to install and remove

Flame retardant interior film has a flexible design that is easy to install and remove without damaging interior surfaces.

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With our fireproof laminate and fireproof interior film, Phuc Thanh An is proud to accompany you in building a safe, beautiful and comfortable living and working environment.

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