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Interior Films: The Benefits and Applications of This Versatile Material

Interior films are increasingly popular in the interior market. Let’s discover some information about this material with Phuc Thanh An


Depending on the surrounding environment, in a typical interior environment the minimum lifespan of the interior film is around 7-10 years and beyond.


Extremely diverse. There are hundreds of patterns such as wood grain, leather, fabric, stone, metallic, fiber, or plain color.

Moisture resistance

Interior films’ surface is covered with many layers of PVC, so it has high moisture resistance. In hot and humid regions, interior film is a great choice

Outdoor usability

Absolutely feasible. Depending on the usage, customers can request a UV protection layer for interior films. Suitable for interior applications in areas near windows.

Flame resistance

Absolutely feasible. Depending on the usage, customers can request a flame retardant layer for the product. Ordinary products will not have a flame retardant layer to increase economic efficiency.


Light material, easy for transportation and construction.

Economical efficiency

Usually more economical, if the application is to rework the old surface and the interior is still good, then interior films are great for economic option.

Currently, Phuc Thanh An JSC is distributing DECOK Interior films – originating from Korea. This product will definitely be a great solution for those who are looking for materials that are convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

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