The more industrial manufacture and transportation grow, the more air pollution affects the Earth significantly caused by the fuel-burning operations. Not only cannot breathe fresh air, but 92% people of worldwide also do not live in a healthy environment.

The Birth of Krion™ K-LIFE 1100 is the elevated revolutionary mission to create a safer, healthier, and more sustainable world as well as improving standard living and surroundings. The specific composition combined with the KEAST technology: Krion Eco Active Solid Technology, Krion™ K-LIFE 1100 reacts sunlight to create a photocatalytic effect.

Krion™ K-LIFE 1100

1. What is photocatalysis?

“Photocatalysis occurs when light hits the surface of certain minerals like titanium oxide, causing it to come into contact with the humidity and oxygen in the environment. From this mixture, molecules (hydroxyl radicals) which have the ability to join to other contaminating particles in the environment, produce complex molecules that are not harmful to humans.” (Reference documents of Krion™)

2. Krion™ K-LIFE 1100

A cutting-edge material has easy cleaning  with only requiring minimum care. Due to non-porous and bacteriostatic, Krion™ K-LIFE 1100 contributes an innovative revolution to reject a large number of dangerous compounds within spaces that require aseptic atmospheres, namly: clinics or operating rooms.

The introduction of Krion™ K-LIFE 1100 is a technological solution in improving the lives of people little by little.

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