Krion™  is a cutting-edge material always at the forefront of technological developments. Specific composition ensuring unique characteristics, it is non-porous, bacteriostatic, durable, easy-to-clean, repaired, restored and renewed.


A specifically key feature of Krion™ solid surface is Surface Regeneration considered easy-to-clean material, with only requiring minimum care.

Different stain types such as superficial burn, graffiti or marker pen stain; its can be cleaned away immediately on the surface as on the first day by following the recommended cleaning instructions.

PHUC THANH AN would like to recommend how to maintain Krion™ solid surface as on the first day.

  1. Avoid hard knocks and sharp objects across the surface.
  2. Consult us for information on how to keep the Krion™ clean and in optimum condition.

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