Thanks to the capability to be restored, repaired, and renewed on-site with minimum work, quickly and simply; Krion™  solid surface will become the best choice for a work surface exposed to more intense and repetitive “aggressions”, such as kitchen countertops or surfaces with high traffic.


In case the Krion™ surface is accidentally damaged, do not worry and please remember that it can be repaired, restored, and renewed.

Because of the specific feature – Scratch Resistance, Krion™ solid surface becomes a cutting-edge material among possible to keep its surface scratch-free easily and quickly as on the first day.

PHUC THANH AN would like to recommend how to maintain Krion™ solid surface as the first day.

  1. Avoid hard knocks and sharp objects across the surface.
  2. Consult us for information on how to keep the Krion™ clean and in optimum condition.

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