Due to owned specific properties towards a safe and environmental material, Krion™  is an appropriately excellent choice for homes, public spaces, commercial premises and any other space you can create.


One other better advantage, we can absolutely create original surfaces as well as repairing and restoring with seamless joints.

This is a great ally for reducing the implied economic cost, if we are necessary for repairing the surface which has some matters without replaced a new one. Check our video on understanding the “Seamless joint” feature.

PHUC THANH AN would like to recommend how to maintain Krion™ solid surface as the first day.

  1. Avoid hard knocks and sharp objects across the surface.
  2. Consult us for information on how to keep the Krion™ clean and in optimum condition.

You can refer to our E-Catalogue to find more information about our products.

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