Krion™ Solid Surface

The Origin

Krion™ increasingly refines in creating and improving sustainable and environmentally-friendly construction materials through the research and development process. Due to the specific composition included 70% Alumina Trihydrate, Krion™ is more pure and bright as well as it is non-porous, bacteriostatic, durable, easy to clean and repair, and requires little maintenance.

Thanks to owned extraordinary properties towards a safe and environmental material, Krion™ is an excellent choice for fitting homes, public spaces, commercial premises and any other space you can create. Video “The Origin” about the introduction combined with tests of useful features of Krion™ will support us to have a general view about this cutting-edge solid surface.

Moreover, Krion™ solid surface is known as a safe and hygienic material with signature white-hue, suitably for modern and minimal concepts. Many people would default Krion™ Collection to be limited to simple plain colours. It’s a serious misunderstanding. The new-generation solid surface offers a universe of hues and tones in a multitude of formats that could be used to the different perspective construction, such as Opale series, Nature series, Ryal Series…

PHUC THANH AN always believes that Krion™ Collection would satisfy all demands of our customers about quality yet aesthetic of products. You can refer to a few codes of Krion™ Collection below.

KRION – P701 Opale Blu
KRION – M901 Grigio
KRION – 0905 Cosmos Nature

Accessing Krion™ E-Catalogue to find more information about our products.

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