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Wilsonart Marble Laminate Designs - Exclusive at Phuc Thanh An

Join Phuc Thanh An to explore the intricate fusion of design and quality in the newly launched Wilsonart® marble laminate collection for 2023.

Marble Laminate - A Blend of Classic and Modern

The 2023 Wilsonart® marble laminate collection seamlessly blends classic aesthetics with contemporary style. This pattern has always been the top choice in interior design due to its timeless elegance and uniqueness.

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Key Highlights of Wilsonart Marble Laminate

Natural Beauty: Wilsonart® marble laminate is meticulously reproduced, from natural colors to distinct veining, creating an unbelievably natural and authentic look for the product.


Variety of Choices: The product also offers a wide range of color tones to suit various design styles, from classic to modern.


Water Resistance and Easy Maintenance: Moreover, this laminate design features a water-resistant surface layer and is easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting freshness and shine.


Durable: Produced by a reputable brand, this product guarantees high durability and excellent scratch resistance.

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Phuc Thanh An Laminate Products - The Perfect Choice

With its unique marble stone pattern, this product not only adds sophistication and elegance to spaces but also offers utility and longevity.



Phuc Thanh An is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Wilsonart® products in the Vietnamese market. We are committed to providing customers with the best shopping experience and complete satisfaction.


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