monochromatic style

Design trend that never goes out of style

Monochromatic style  is a branch of the Minimalism style . This style focuses on simplicity, eliminating cumbersome details but still maintaining a modern and elegant beauty in the design – by using the same color in different tones. 


Monochromatic style completely eliminates the feeling of confusion when looking at too many different colors. Besides, this style makes it easy to create harmony in the design, because the colors are consistent with each other. Designers can leverage this feature to make the space more harmonious but not too monotonous.


Designing with a single color tone may sound monotonous, but in reality, it can produce dramatic results. Monochromatic is not synonymous with monotony, you can make highlights based on the selected background color with each shade of that color, creating visual cohesion. Just imagine, a little green from the plants on a light-color background will make the space less boring.



Some designs using monochromatic style

The monochromatic color palette is very suitable in decorating a small home or apartment because it makes the place feel larger and brighter. With spacious places, the monochromatic style adds even more spaciousness to the space it occupies

Let’s Phuc Thanh An refer to some beautiful designs in monochromatic style.


Yellow tone


Blue tone


Grey tone


White tone


To assist customers in finding the right product for their design needs, Phuc Thanh An would like to introduce a solid color laminate system from the Wilsonart® brand. If you are interested in monochromatic style, this product line will definitely be a great help for you when designing your own space.


Z727 – Light Blue


Z059 – Dark Blue


Z055 – Light Green



9454 – Yellow

In the Vietnam market, all Wilsonart® products are exclusively distributed by Phuc Thanh An JSC.

Please refer to our E-Catalogue or PHUC THANH AN Series to find more information about our products.

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