Society Activities


“There is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving” –  Henry Drummond!

An annual activity: our prayed trip located in Our Lady of Ta Pao and Thay Thim Pagoda combined with a charitable activity; this is a significant time that we live slowly step back, think and listen to our hope together, and keep our promise in magnanimous purpose “give & take”.

Hue Duc Pagoda is an orphan’s home where the temple abbot teaches and brings up children to help them have a better life. We visited Hue Duc Pagoda to organize a charitable venture on 16th, July 2022. Had a chance to converse with the temple abbot and the nun, we hope our presents could be supported a part of children’s life.

PHUC THANH AN always concerns ourselves with our mission: to be a strong, steady and stable company, besides, we would like to contribute to giving helpful values to build a better society.

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