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As various people can’t tell the differences between Wilsonart and Arborite, Arborite is a Canadian HPL brand which has been taken over by Wilsonart in 2012. In Vietnam, Arborite HPL Collection is specifically developed for project field as we have conducted market research and had thorough understanding in the Customers’ needs on a quality HPL with reasonable prices.

What is High Pressure Laminate (HPL)?

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is a paper-based product created by 3 main layers:

1. Kraft Paper – bath with Phenolic Resin.

The thickness of laminate vary by number of sheets which help increase impact resistance.

2. Decor Paper – bath with Melamine Resin.

The paper and ink is imported from US to create the realistic design, pattern and color of Wilsonart.

3. Overlay Paper – wear and scratch resistance.

This layer is considering as a “hero” of the HPL with the purpose of creating a wear and scratch resistance top layer, avoid damage during using of Customers.

HPL needs to be glued on the subtract such as MFC/MDF, and will be mainly used in furniture, office, retail space, countertops, worktops and other applications