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Wilsonart® Chalkboard Laminate

Wilsonart® Chalkboard Laminate is the perfect solution for any space or application that demands a durable and affordable writing surface, and unlike other chalkboard surfaces, it requires no special maintenance.

Product Description

  • Recommended Uses

Wilsonart® Chalkboard Laminate, Type 137, is provided for surface applications requiring a durable, decorative surface for easy erasure of standard writing chalk For Vertical and Horizontal applications. Wilsonart Chalkboard Laminate is ideal for use in presentation areas, school classrooms, conference rooms, planning centers, and offices.

  • Product Composition

Chalkboard laminate is made with decorative surface papers that are impregnated with melamine resins and pressed over kraft paper core sheets impregnated with phenolic resin. Sheets are then bonded at pressures greater than 1000 pounds per square inch and at temperatures approaching 300°F (149°C). Finished sheets are trimmed and the backs sanded to facilitate bonding.