Solution 1 - WoodGrains Laminate

Nowadays, a decisive concept based on natural elements is the popular decor trend. PHUC THANH AN suggests inspiration from Wilsonart WoodGrains Laminate designs by blowing natural breath in interior design.”

Solution 1 takes Oak Wood to the significant concept due to the exception of veins and colours. Almost Oak Wood is straight-grained and has an irregular rough texture. One other specific characteristic is “figured of wood” which looks like someone drew a wavy point on the texture with a dark pencil. The colour of Oak Wood is suitable for luxurious and modern interior spaces.

1. 4047 Maritime Oak (Dark-Chocolate tone)

4047 Maritime Oak - Solution 1
4047 Maritime Oak - Solution 1

The Dark-Chocolate tone has been trendy colour for the present.

4047 Maritime Oak owns dark-brown colour among specific attractiveness of Oak Wood that is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a natural space through furniture such as wardrobe, cabinet, tabletop, etc.

2. S169 Old Roman (White-Chocolate tone)

S169 Old Roman - Solution 1
S169 Old Roman - Solution 1

Elegant and Smooth style towards White-Chocolate tone, S169 Old Roman Oak will be a suitable laminate.

PHUC THANH AN would like to bring the cool and bright breath of nature through the background or furniture through S169 – Old Roman Oak.

Carrying out Solution series in your hands as well as touching and feeling as close as possible! You can view the next solution as below: Solution 2

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