Solution 2 - Stones Laminate

The tendency towards nature, PHUC THANH AN brings out “an inspiration from Wilsonart Stones & Minerals Designs agree to connect Earth’s Nature factors through interior spaces”.

Application of Stones Laminates could decorate not only for flats and apartments but also for hotels, restaurants and buildings within many zones such as the kitchen, the bathroom, hotel lobby, the bar, conference room, etc.

A key element is a unique pattern belonging to Wilsonart Collection. Owned natural beauty, high aesthetics and durability combined specifical characteristics that Wilsonart Stones & Minerals Designs can become an intelligent pick for creating bright and harmonious interior space.

1. 1885 Marmo Bianco

1885 Marmo Bianco - Solution 2
1885 Marmo Bianco - Solution 2

White marble with wavering and variegated grey veins, 1885 Marmo Bianco makes a serpentine surface influence intricate depth and detail.

2. 8150 Caracatta

The 8150 Caracatta – light-grey stone with exquisite veining creates a specifically chunky texture as broken mirrors grafting each other.

8150 Caracatta - Solution 2
8150 Caracatta - Solution 2

3. 8151 Palisandro Brown

8151 Palisandro Brown - Solution 2
8151 Palisandro Brown - Solution 2

The 8151 Palisandro Brown takes an interest dark-grey colour and great veining like cracked stones attached. Sometimes, the vein lines of Stones Laminate look like blood vessels in every cell.

4. 8315 Amber Cosmo

Sugary reddish-brown combined the veins with elegant variegated and coarse cross-cut, the great texture of 8315 Amber Cosmo is similar to the cells running alongside the laminate.

8315 Amber Cosmo - Solution 2
8315 Amber Cosmo - Solution 2

Carrying out Solution series in your hands as well as touching and feeling as close as possible! You can view the previous solution as below: Solution 1

PHUC THANH AN would like to suggest a variety of Interior Designs to decorate your home and working place. Assist our customers to find the perfect products is our top priority.

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