Acrylic – Versatile materials in interior design

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Versatile materials in 

interior design

Are you looking for a versatile and quality interior material? Try acrylic – a premium plastic material with high strength, moisture resistance and flexible formability.

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Introduction to this materials

Acrylic is a material made from PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate). PMMA is thermoplastic, hard, high impact-resistant, lightweight, durable, etc. Currently, we often use PMMA to make substitute for glass, so it is also known as organic glass.


This is a versatile material, widely used in the construction and interior industries. With high strength and moisture resistance features, it is an excellent solution for interior designs. This product also brings high aesthetics with flexible shaping ability, glossy surface and leaves no edges when applied.

Some applications of acrylic panels

Acrylic has many uses in interior design. For instance, we can create doors in a variety of designs and colors with this product.

Phuc Thanh An Acrylic Material

Phuc Thanh An Acrylic Material

Furthermore, the product is an ideal material to use for cabinet products. Because it contains high durability, moisture resistance and easy cleaning features. Thus, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets made from this material will not only create a comfortable space but also give a luxurious and modern look.


Phuc Thanh An Acrylic Material

Phuc Thanh An Acrylic Material

Phuc Thanh An Acrylic Material

Phuc Thanh An Acrylic Material

Acrylic is also used to create interior decorative products such as decorative panels, decorative lights and many other products. With its flexible formability, the product allows designers to create unique and impressive interior products.


If you are planning to build, repair or renovate your home, think of acrylic panels as the ultimate solution. Phuc Thanh An is a unit specializing in providing high quality acrylic products at reasonable prices.

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