Wilsonart® Super Black: Anti-Fingerprint Laminate

Wilsonart Laminate Super Black

Wilsonart® Super Black:
Anti-Fingerprint Laminate

PHUC THANH AN JSC introduces the new Wilsonart Collection 2022: “Explore the nature – Continue the journey” – updating a variety of new designs based on current trends to be excellent solutions for your interior space.

Wilsonart HPL is the high-quality standard Laminate according to international standards NEMA (USA) with high durability and useful features: anti-scratch, anti-impact, anti-stain, etc. In the Vietnam market, Phuc Thanh An JSC is the exclusive distributor of Wilsonart.

Wilsonart HPL D222 Super Black has a new look for any décor with an emphasis on modern demands, as displayed by its unique feature: the integration of standard laminate features and anti-fingerprint properties. The product provides a sense of freshness and cleanliness to the living area thanks to a special covering that protects it from harmful traces on the surface of the product.

Although applied with only one color, the D222 Super Black can perform on 3 surface textures: Delica, Leather AFP, and Woody. It is suitable for different clients’ demands to bring high aesthetics and practicality. D222 Super Black evokes a sense of luxury and mystery while also expressing minimalism to the space.


In addition to the new D222 Super Black, Wilsonart also offers HPL Performance: Traceless™ HPL. Both feature anti-fingerprints – preventing leaving marks and removing impurities on the product include four colors with one surface texture (TP).


Wilsonart’s mission is to actualize creative ideas and inspire nature into the interior space – by producing product lines that meet high quality standards and keeping up with contemporary design trends.

PHUC THANH AN are pleased to provide a variety of Interior Designs for your space. Assisting our customers to find the perfect products is our top priority.

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