Wilsonart Laminate Factory and the Architect 23 Exhibition

Wilsonart Laminate Factory and the Architect 23 Exhibition

A Fascinating Tour to Wilsonart Factory and the Architect 23 Exhibition

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In this article, we will take you through a tour of Wilsonart® laminate factory in Thailand and the Architect 23 exhibition – two must-see destinations for those who love furniture and architecture this year.


Wilsonart® laminate factory in Thailand is one of the most modern and advanced laminate production facilities in the world. Phuc Thanh An had the opportunity to visit and experience the entire production process, from raw material processing to product finishing.


Check out the laminate manufacturing process here!


We also had the opportunity to test and feel the quality of various laminate sheets during the factory tour. This has helped us better understand the production process and professionalism of the Wilsonart® team.


In addition, Phuc Thanh An members also had the chance to participate in the Architect 23 exhibition in Thailand – the largest event in the field of architecture and interior in Southeast Asia.

Architect 23 Exhibition

At the exhibition, Phuc Thanh An’s members got to see the latest and most innovative products in the industry. We have also met and interacted with many businesses, experts and discovered new market opportunities.


The trip to Wilsonart®‘s laminate factory in Thailand and to attend the Architect 23 exhibition left us with many beautiful impressions and memorable experiences. Phuc Thanh An members had learned a lot of new knowledge and updated market trends.


Phuc Thanh An hopes that our sharing will be useful for you in understanding more about the laminate manufacturing industry and the interior architecture market.


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