Wilsonart® Ash Laminate

The Difference between woods

Wilsonart® Ash Laminate

Ash wood can be easily distinguished from other types of wood by its colour and grain. Ash is mostly beige-to-light-brown coloured as well as sometimes the heartwood is darker than the outer layers. Moreover, one of the striking characteristics of Ash wood is smooth-grained and marbled patterns that make it become an attractive option for home décor goods. It looks like straight rays running alongside the grain and sometimes could appear dark-brown “figures” which we can see curly birdseye or mountain stacked each other unevenly in textured surfaces.

Ash Wood is one of the most popular types of wood. It is often used as the surfacing inspiration in the production of Laminate products. A refined and cost-effective option for a range of applications such as cabinets, joinery, wall panelling and furniture. PHUC THANH AN highly recommends Wilsonart® Ash Wood Laminate designs for selecting a quality surfacing material to décor your imaginational world.

1. 4290 Painted Ash:

Based on the original beauty of Ash Wood, the smoothly straight-grained combined with the sliver hue, 4290 Painted Ash would be a perfect choice to make the difference in your home by being cozy, luxurious and individual.

2. 4408 Orinoco Ash

4408 Orinoco Ash
4408 Orinoco Ash

Figure wood of 4408 Orinoco Ash is obviously defined through dark mountains stacked each other unevenly in textured surfaces. It builds an exceptional feature without any other designs having, to become a suitable option popularly for someone loving original, rough and wild.

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