Series 3 – Highlight Stones Laminate

ALFIO CARRARA 8309 - Series 3


Series 3 - Highlight Stones Laminate

PHUC THANH AN suggest “Series of illuminating a bland room” that belongs to Wilsonart Collection – “Where great ideas are surfacing”

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Stones Laminate is general material in creating luxurious and elegant interior design. Especially, white stone is used to make important places stand out, such as walls, sinks, countertops … in the kitchen or bathroom.

Highlight features related to protecting Health and Environmental care are a key to choose surfacing finishing material. Both PHUC THANH AN and Wilsonart are proud of our products obtaining Certificates about Quality, GreenGuard, etc.

1. Alfio Carrara 8309

ALFIO CARRARA 8309 - Series 3

The creativity and sophistication are created by 8309 ALFIO CARRARA in the kitchen.

Especially, the Wear Resistance feature is a highly suitable material for countertops in the kitchen.

Besides, the Scratch Resistance feature will create the feel which everything is always as new and durable as the first day.

2. Marmo Bianco 1885

The attractive design combines helpful elements included Anti Bacteria and Easy-to-clean.

Marmo Bianco 1885  not only attracts attention by unique patterns but also gets great features.

It is a great choice to decorate for countertops, worktops, and others.

Marmo Bianco 1885 - Series 3

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