A merry Christmas to unfortunate children

Christmas social activities, Christmas charity

Merry Christmas with Phuc Thanh An

Love is giving, business not only contributes to the community materially but also spiritually.

In the jubilant atmosphere of intimate gifts and cozy meals of this Christmas season, there are still some unfortunate lives that can not enjoy that joy and happiness.


With the spirit of “Love is giving” and the desire to share difficulties with the community, people of Phuc Thanh An organized a small charity activity on the morning of December 24, 2023.

Phuc Thanh An charity work

Hopefully, a little material and also spiritual contribution from Phuc Thanh An can help the children at Tam Binh Children’s Protection Center have a warm, loving and joyful Christmas. Phuc Thanh An sincerely wishes the children to always be happy and joyful not only on Christmas but every day of the year.

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