Fitwall Material

Fitwall Material

Introduction to Fitwall Material: Unique Combination in Interior Decoration

Fitwall material is a special type of decorative panel that provides a genuine visual and tactile experience. 

Created through the clever combination of various high-quality materials, Fitwall is undoubtedly the perfect choice for interior decoration.

Fitwall material textures

Versatile Material in Design and Interior Decoration

Special Composition of Fitwall Material

To create the Fitwall material, the KRION brand employs a clever mixture of materials to produce the final product with excellent technical properties. 

Primarily, this material is formed from alumina trihydrate (ATH), a mineral refined from bauxite, providing strength, high durability, and fire resistance.

29% of Fitwall is Acrylic Modified PET Resin (AMR-PET), enhancing the material’s flexibility and elasticity.

Smartly combined glass fibers create uniformity and strength across the entire surface, resulting in a flexible, sturdy, and durable product.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

With an average weight of only 5-10kg/m2, Fitwall material offers significant weight advantages over other materials, making installation easier. 

Its flexibility allows it to adapt to various installation surfaces, even creating unique curves impossible to achieve with other materials.

Safe and Fire-resistant

Fitwall is designed with high fire resistance, ensuring safety in various environments. 

The main mineral (ATH) has been tested according to European (Euroclasses) and American (ASTM) standards, proving the excellent fire resistance of the material.

Easy Maintenance and Repair

Fitwall is not only easy to install but also easy to maintain and repair. Panels can be repaired on-site using appropriate accessories and filler, saving time and maintenance costs.

Fitwall is not just a decorative layer for walls. It is also suitable for various commercial and residential spaces. It can be applied to ceilings and horizontal surfaces, creating unique decorative accents.

Infinite Creativity with Fitwall Material

Fitwall draws inspiration from real design, faithfully reproducing materials such as wood, concrete, fired clay, fabric, and many others. This opens up endless creative possibilities for interior decoration projects.


Explore the uniqueness with Fitwall – Make the Right Choice for Your Design!

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