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When referring to Decorative Gravel, normally we would exceptionally design for paths and areas around the garden. However, we do not restrict our imagination to create a diversity of design styles. That means we could do anything to burn our creativity for decor concepts changing older others.

Gravel is a distinctive material to turn your interior spaces into becoming individual and attractive. Based on the inspiration of natural colours combined with Decorative Gravel, PHUC THANH AN would like to bring you three exclusive designs from Wilsonart® Laminate Collection. It is a perfect choice if you’re looking for extraordinary and modern designs.

The evident distinction between Wilsonart Decorative Gravel designs expresses through the hue and the density of themselves. The less density of gravel is, the more simplicity of décor style grows. Selecting each design with a different composition, you will absolutely decide to change interior spaces followed by your favourite concepts.

1. 8335 Vermont Gravel

8335 Vermont Gravel
8335 Vermont Gravel

Gravel flecks spread alongside silver-brown background, 8335 Vermont Gravel owns harmonious and extraordinary beauty to be more distinct from other similar stone laminate products.

PHUC THANH AN believe that design would become a favourite choice for someone finding a remarkable interior concept due to the suitable colour combined with mixing gravel pieces.

You absolutely refer to the image décor of 8335 Vermont Gravel below:

2. 8336 Delaware Gravel

8336 Delaware Gravel
8336 Delaware Gravel

The regularly reasonable density of gravel combined with cool-silver hue, 8336 Delaware Gravel is highly regarded for choosing the central option to decorate interior homes based on Decorative Gravel Style.

3. 8338 Gravel Smith

8338 Gravel Smith
8338 Gravel Smith

Different from the previous Laminate, 8338 Gravel Smith has more heavy density of fine gravel. It was born with expressing a desire to develop a special decorative Laminate inspired by sharp and realistic gravels.

Based on the coffee colour of the valleys and hills, this is an excellent option if you fall in love with rustic and wild art.

You absolutely refer to the image décor of 8338 Gravel Smith below:

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