Wilsonart 2023 Laminate Collection

Wilsonart® 2023 Laminate Collection

Wilsonart 2023 Laminate Collection: Innovation and Distinctiveness in Interior Design

Phuc Thanh An is delighted to introduce to our valued customers the Wilsonart® 2023 Laminate Collection – a leap into innovation and uniqueness in interior design.

New Designs

The Wilsonart® 2023 Laminate Collection brings an exceptional diversity with 51 new designs, enhancing choices for your living spaces.

New Surfaces

Particularly, 2023 also marks the update of some unique surfaces. The SM surface provides a sense of contemporary and refined aesthetics, reflecting the novelty and distinctiveness of modern design.


Furthermore, the DR surface brings about a realistic stone-like effect, giving you the opportunity to bring natural beauty to your design without limitations in weight and cost.

2023 laminate collection new surface textures

New Fingerprint-Resistant Product Line in this 2023 Laminate Collection

But it doesn’t stop there. This year, Phuc Thanh An is also proud to introduce the Celsus product line – the perfect solution for those seeking fingerprint-resistant and easily maintainable surfaces.


With competitive pricing and a variety of designs including solid colors, wood, and stone, Celsus promises to be the perfect choice to refresh your living spaces.

Fingerprint-Resistant Laminate Celsus

Phuc Thanh An believes that the Wilsonart® 2023 Laminate Collection will provide you with a different and exciting perception of interior design. Let us accompany you in expressing your uniqueness and personal style through your living spaces.


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