New laminate design with realistic wood grain patterns

new laminate designs

Discover the Breakthrough New Laminate Design from Wilsonart®

If you are looking for fresh and innovative interior design solutions, explore the latest laminate designs from Wilsonart® at Phuc Thanh An – the exclusive distributor of Wilsonart® products in the Vietnamese market.

Natural Wood Grain New Laminate Design

The new laminate design from Wilsonart® is impressive with realistic wood grain patterns, perfectly mimicking the natural beauty of wood. The combination of diverse wood grains and bold colors creates a sophisticated and refined look, compatible with various interior design styles.

new laminate design

Breakthrough Triangular Design

The standout feature of this product line is the innovative design of triangular wood pieces overlapping each other, creating a unique and captivating visual effect.


The random arrangement of the triangles not only brings a sense of novelty but also infuses the space with vibrancy and liveliness.


Perfect Substitute for Veneer Material

This new laminate design from Wilsonart® can seamlessly substitute similar designs made from veneer material. Not only do they offer comparable beauty, but laminates also have superior water resistance, scratch resistance, and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Time-Saving and Cost-Efficient Installation

Compared to cutting and assembling individual wood pieces to achieve a similar design, using these new laminate designs can significantly save time and installation costs. The installation process is simpler, eliminating the complexities involved in working with solid wood.

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Stay ahead of the trend with these breakthrough laminate designs available exclusively at Phuc Thanh An – the distributor of Wilsonart® products in Vietnam.


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