Stone-look laminate

stone look laminate from Phuc Thanh An

Stone-look laminate

Stone decoration is becoming more and more popular in interior design. Not out of trend, Phuc Thanh An would like to introduce our stone grain laminate collection with a variety of trendy designs.

What is Laminate?

First, let’s take a look through some knowledge about laminate – an extremely popular interior finishing material today.


Laminate is a type of surface that is often used to press on chipboard, MDF,  or HDF to ensure the final product has a beautiful surface and high durability. Laminate has a wide range of applications, not only used in furniture but also as decorative panels for architectural works, bringing a luxurious, modern and classy beauty.

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Stone-look laminate

The surface gives the impression of a natural feeling, like touching real stone, creating a new and unique feature for the space.


Stone grain laminate can be combined with metal materials, wood grain or solid colors to create a new look for the design, helping the building space become more harmonious.


Phuc Thanh An would like to introduce some of our impressive stone grain laminate models

Marble (refer to our Marble collection here)


Terrazzo (refer to our Terrazzo collection here)

Designs using stone grain laminate

Stone grain laminate is widely used in the interior and building materials industry, often used in the design of cabinets, doors, tables, chairs, or even decorative wall tiles.

In the Vietnam market, all Wilsonart® products are exclusively distributed by Phuc Thanh An JSC.

Please refer to our E-Catalogue or PHUC THANH AN Series to find more information about our products.

Please refer to our PHUC THANH AN Series to find more information about our products.

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MaiCompact – Compact Laminate from Maica brand

Maica Compact Laminate


Maica brand

Established in 1968, Maica is a joint venture between a Malaysian investor and a Japanese high-end manufacturing unit. The products exported globally by Maica are mainly HPL and Compact Laminate.

Inspired by the saying: ‘Where imagination comes true’. With the brand positioning as ‘Something Never Change’, Maica has strongly grown to become a global brand in the high-quality interior material manufacturing industry.

Compact Laminate

Similar to High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) structure, a Compact Laminate sheet also includes 3 layers of paper: Kraft paper core, Decorative paper layer, and Overlay layer.

The main difference is the increase in the number of layers of Kraft paper, therefore the Compact Laminate has a greater thickness (from 2mm to 25mm) with higher impact resistance than a regular laminate, and specifically – absolute waterproof feature

Compact Laminate is considered a long-lasting and durable solution for surfaces that are frequently exposed to high impact. General applications include toilet partitions, cabinet doors, cabinets, elevator walls, facades, racks, or specialized furniture levels.


MaiCompact Collection

MaiCompact possesses the inherent advantages such as high durability and absolute waterproofness. Besides, it also owns environmentally friendly, resistant to termites, molds, and does not release harmful substances affecting human health followed by international standard certifications.

The MaiCompact collection includes a variety of choices to be suitable for many different designs and applications. In the Vietnam market, Phuc Thanh An is the exclusive distributor of MaiCompact.


With the mission “Your happiness is our honor”, PHUC THANH AN always wishes to receive the satisfaction and trust of customers when providing the best and diverse products.

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Maica Compact Laminate Application

maica Compact Laminate

Some extraordinary places are encouraged to select Compact Laminate instead of High-Pressure Laminate having similar designs. The reason occurs on the difference in their structure affecting how to apply Compact Laminate in singular spaces as the Clinic and laboratory.

Maica Compact Laminate

PHUC THANH AN is willing to reveal a private document which explains the variance between Compact Laminate and High-Pressure Laminate.

1. The structure

Althought Compact Laminate is similar in structure to High-Pressure LaminateThe difference comes into multiple layers of the Kraft Paper stacking in the middle as well as two layers Decorative Paper and Overlay covering on the top and bottom. 

Compact Laminate
The structure of Compact Laminate

They are pressed at a high temperature and impregnated the resins after becoming the permanently adhesive panel called Compact Laminate. 

Due to thickness over 2mm, Compact Laminate might not to apply the Chipboard under Melamine or Laminate. We could absolutely use single sheets to resolve issues in your space.

2. Maica Compact Laminate Application

Due to the variety of the product range with trendy colours, Maica becomes a favourite distributor in accommodating Compact Laminate believed almost customers. Besides, Maica Compact Laminate obtains Certificates about Quality, GreenGuard, Environment, such as maiFood (Contact Safety), maiAnti-Bacteria (micro-organism resistance), maiFungi, maiTermite, etc.

Maica Compact Laminate is an excellent solution for the high-impact surface in many specialized spaces where likes Liner, Locker, Toulet Cubicle System, wall panels, cabinets, etc.

PHUC THANH AN would like to suggest a variety of Interior Designs to decorate your home and working place. Assist our customers to find the perfect products is our top priority.

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