Phuc Thanh An charity journey: Sharing love in Bac Lieu 03.2024

Phuc Thanh An charity journey

Spreading the Love in Bac Lieu - March 2024

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

Mother Teresa

Every year after the Lunar New Year, the Phuc Thanh An team organizes a visit to religious institutions and conducts charity work to help those in need in Bac Lieu province.

Phuc Thanh An charity journey to Vinh Phuoc An Tu – A Shelter for the Underprivileged

Nestled in a small alley in the bustling and verdant city of Bac Lieu, Vinh Phuoc An Tu is a home to over a hundred underprivileged people. There are children abandoned at the temple gates as newborns, and elderly people with nowhere to go and suffering from serious illnesses. These people are cared for and protected by the temple.

Phuc Thanh An charity journey

After more than a year of returning, the number of children and elderly people at Vinh Phuoc An Tu has increased. 


According to the ladies who take care of the temple, “We heard the sound of motorbikes and crying babies. As we went out, we saw babies being abandoned, so we had to take them in. What else can we do?” There was a time when there were newborns abandoned in front of the temple gate every 1-2 days.


Each individual supports and relies on each other under the temple roof. The older children help take care of the babies. The elderly men and women take care of each other in their last days.

Phuc Thanh An charity journey

Hoping to provide further support for these underprivileged people, Phuc Thanh An team visited the temple in March 2024 and donated essential items, as well as gifts to each person.


We hope that the little material and spiritual contributions from Phuc Thanh An charity journey can help the individuals at Vinh Phuoc An Tu have a day filled with joy. Wish that in the future, the temple will receive more attention and support, so that the children and elderly people can have a more stable and fulfilling life.

Hành trình thiện nguyện của Phúc Thành An

Visiting Religious Sites

In addition to the charity work at Vinh Phuoc An Tu, the Phuc Thanh An team also visited religious sites along the way.


This meaningful activity not only brings practical experiences but also is a journey of connecting souls, helping Phuc Thanh An members gain many valuable spiritual values.

A Journey of Spiritual Renewal

Each destination is a serene space, imbued with the cultural and religious imprints of the locality. Each majestic and ancient pagoda and church is a reminder of the good moral values and traditions.

Mother Nam Hai

Hành trình thiện nguyện của Phúc Thành An

Tac Say Church

Som Rong Pagoda

With a sense of social responsibility, Phuc Thanh An is always aware of the importance of contributing to the community alongside business development. We believe that the sustainable development of the enterprise is closely linked to the overall development of society.

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