Interior Film Brings More Diverse Designs

interior film

Applying Interior Film To Bring More Diverse Living Space

Are you looking to renovate your living space without spending too much money and time? Have you heard of interior film? It is an effective, convenient and versatile decoration solution for any space. In this article, we will introduce you to some suggestions for using interior film to diversify your designs.

What is interior film?

Interior film is a specialized film made from PVC, used to stick on the surface of the material. The product has high durability, heat resistance, scratch resistance, mildew resistance and antibacterial.


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Furthermore, this product comes in a variety of colors, textures and textures, from wood, stone, metal, to fabric, leather or concrete. It can be applied to any flat surface such as walls, doors, cabinets, tables and chairs, bookshelves or even electronic devices. 

Why should you use interior film?

Interior film has many advantages such as:


  • High strength: This material can withstand strong impacts, is stable when exposed to temperature and humidity, has good abrasion, scratch and antibacterial resistance. Moreover, the lifespan of it can be up to ten years.


  • Environmentally friendly: This material is free of heavy metals and phthalates, safe for health and non-polluting. It also helps to limit the use of natural wood and protect the ecological environment


  • Flexibility in construction and application: This material has high formability, can be glued on flat or curved, sophisticated and complex surfaces. It also has a larger size than other decorative materials such as laminate, melamine or veneer, without any seams when glued on wide surfaces.


  • Wide range of models: This material has more than hundreds of patterns with different textures and colors, helping you to unleash your creativity in space design in your own style.


LX Hasys interior film designs

How to use interior film to diversify your living space

So what can you use interior film for? Here are some suggestions for you:


  • Wall stickers: You can use interior film to create accents for your walls. You can choose stone, concrete, and brick textures to create a modern and luxurious feel. The wood grain brings a feeling of warmth and closeness; leather and fabric textures to create a feeling of luxury and elegance. Furthermore, metallic textures, fibers help create personality and uniqueness.
  • Door stickers: You can use this material to refresh your door. You can choose wood grain to create a traditional and elegant feel. Meanwhile, the leather texture creates a feeling of luxury and nobility. And the metal veins are modern and eye-catching.
  • Paste on old furniture: You can refresh old, scratched furniture by applying film to their surface. In addition, you can choose films with colors and patterns that match your furniture, or create unique and creative combinations. Interior film is also scratch resistant, fire retardant and antibacterial, which helps prolong the life of furniture.
  • Window film: You can create beautiful lighting effects for your living space by sticking film on the windows. Moreover, you can choose film models with sunscreen, UV protection, see-through,… to protect your health and privacy. Interior film is also dirt resistant and easy to clean, keeping windows clean and transparent.
interior film applications
interior film applications
interior film applications
interior film applications

Thus, you have learned some suggestions for using this product to diversify your living space. If you are interested in this product, you can refer to high-end interior films of reputable brands to choose the most suitable product for yourself.


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