Wilsonart Custom Laminate


Endless possibilities of creative and extraordinary surfaces, Wilsonart Custom Laminate will express a whole new set for traditional HPL. Wilsonart could not only limit our imagination for bringing high quality yet aesthetic products but also develop personal designs to be created by the dreams and imagination of our customers. That’s a reason why PHUC THANH AN an exclusive distributor of Wilsonart – always encourage our customers to speak up with their voices and messages.

Dignifying personal customization into a complete, durable and functional product, you can demonstrate your characteristic easily with your monopoly through products distributed by PHUC THANH AN. The world of limitless customization is open for exploration. PHUC THANH AN alongside Wilsonart is willing to be a companion in developing your imagination as well as will expand maximum your options before available to the Laminate industry.

Thanks to Research & Development process, Wilsonart constantly updates the tendency of concepts and produces unique Laminate designs to offer closely our customers’ needs.  Wilsonart Design By You can express any of your extraordinary imagination to become one-of-kind designs when you send your private design in a vector-based file 300 DPI. PHUC THANH AN distributes Wilsonart Custom Laminate: Wilsonart Design By You to serve many large projects, especially Happy Valley and FMPC projects, etc. No matter this HPL for solving surface application, it can be a perfect choice to get a highlight in a lot of luxurious and specialized spaces like Lobby, Wall Panels, Doors…

Happy Valley
Wilsonart Design By You - Happy Valley
Design by you - Happy Valley
Design by you - Happy Valley

Wilsonart Design By You – Happy Valley

Wilsonart Design By You - FMPC

It is absolutely possible if you can contact us to reveal your private imagination in building your dream interior spaces. PHUC THANH AN alongside Wilsonart will commit to obtaining the maximum satisfaction and producing personal designs of our customers becoming elegant Laminates.

PHUC THANH AN would like to suggest a variety of Interior Designs to decorate your home and working place. Assisting our customers to find the perfect products is our top priority.

Either you can refer to our E-Catalogue or PHUC THANH AN Series to find more information about our products.

If you need any further information about Laminate, Compact, Solid Surface or Interior Design; please do not hesitate to Contact us.