Creating a cozy and stylish interior with Wilsonart® textile laminate

Wilsonart® decorative laminate with textile effect

Wilsonart® decorative laminate with textile effect

Textile laminate is a unique material used in interior and decoration. With a durable surface and unique texture, the product is becoming popular in the furniture industry. Explore the variety of this product and apply it to your designs with Phuc Thanh An!

Introduction to textile laminate

Wilsonart® textile laminate is a high-quality product line, exclusively provided by Phuc Thanh An. This product gives a real textile touch, with excellent smoothness and softness, reproducing the contours and colors of the fabric in a realistic way.


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You can use this product to decorate many different interior designs with its versatility. It is a great choice for anyone who loves to experiment with different styles and colors. For example, you can use it to cover kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, desks, bookshelves or decorative walls.

Wilsonart textile laminate

Diverse designs

With a variety of colors and patterns, customers can easily create a classy and sophisticated living space. Moreover, textile laminate can satisfy both aesthetic and quality requirements. People favor this material for its outstanding properties such as high strength, scratch resistance, impact resistance, color fastness and water resistance.


Here are some popular textile laminate designs for your choice:


Wilsonart laminate 8123
Wilsonart laminate 8124
Wilsonart laminate 8125

Decorate your living space with Wilsonart® textile laminate to create a classy and sophisticated living space.

In the Vietnam market, all Wilsonart® products are exclusively distributed by Phuc Thanh An JSC.

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