PHUC THANH AN would like to present the Arborite M+ Collection belonged to the Wilsonart distributor. The Arborite M+ Collection is a specifically reserved collection for the Vietnam market where Customers’ Needs focus on a quality High Pressure Laminate at a reasonable price.

The difference in woods

A8729 Nepal Teak – Bronze Heartwood

Regarding the natural breath through WoodGrains Laminate, Teak Wood is an excellent choice for interior spaces. Owned the various colours with whitish sapwood or bronze heartwood, the tone ranges from dark golden to reddish-brown or yellowish-white.

Based on Teak Heartwood, A8729 Nepal Teak owns the bronze colour combined with dark brown grains. 

The coarse straight-grained sometimes appears dark ellipses with diversified shapes such as bird-eyes or rippled.

Towards dramatic colours and sophisticated patterns, Wilsonart Teak WoodGrains Laminate is a unique surface finishing material without any other having.

PHUC THANH AN suggests three reasons you should apply Wilsonart and the Arborite M+ Collection to create any other places you can enjoy.

  1. A wide range of colours and patterns.
  2. The useful characteristics of High-Pressure Laminate.
  3. A cost-effective way to turn your designs into interior spaces.

Either you can refer to our E-Catalogue or PHUC THANH AN Series to find more information about our products.

If you need any further information about Laminate, Compact, Solid Surface or Interior Design; please do not hesitate to Contact us.

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