Resources by Vogue, the Terrazzo tendency reappeared and became a driven trend in 2018 until the moment. The growth of traditional material brings about another trend called “The return of the older era”.

Following the Terrazzo tendency, PHUC THANH AN would like to bring you an Terrazzo design from Wilsonart Laminate Collection relating classical with modern beauty: Grey Terrazzo 11.

1. What is Terrazzo?

The name Terrazzo” derives from the Latin word “Terra” meaning ground. An ancient composite material, Terrazzo blends specific pieces of marble quartz, granite, or other suitable material.

Terrazzo not only tiled on the floors but also decorated for walls, tabletops, and other furniture. It is an excellent choice for creating attraction and difference in your interior spaces inspired by Mediterranean style with artisanal design.

2. Grey Terrazzo 11

Despite the inspiration of the older era, Grey Terrazzo 11 owns both traditional and modern beauty.

With the elegant colour and unique pattern based on Terrazzo style, the best choice is if you’re looking for an attractive and trendy design to change your home.

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