Celebrating Vietnam Independece Day 2021

Vietnam Independence Day signals a half year in passing. Although our country has clearly changed at the difficult timeline with the complicated situation of Coronavirus disease, PHUC THANH AN believes that everything will become better in the future if we try at helping and sharing hardly problems with each other, “Union is strength”.

We are always a faithful companion to put a lot of faith into your business, your high-quality creations and your good reputation. PHUC THANH AN gives our hopes on everyone protecting themselves in worth.

Our mission, “Quality goods build customers’ belief”, PHUC THANH AN always improves in order to give the best products and service. We are sincerely thankful to our customers for believing and supporting them.

Either you can refer to our E-Catalogue or PHUC THANH AN Series to find more information about our products.

If you need any further information about Laminate, Compact, Solid Surface or Interior Design; please do not hesitate to Contact us.

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