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1. The Composition

The structure of Compact Laminate is similar to High-Pressure Laminate, it also is composed of 3 layers: Kraft Paper, Decorative Paper, and Overlay. (You can refer to “What is Laminate?” to clearly understand this surface material)

However, the difference comes into multiple layers of the Kraft Paper stacking in the middle. Moreover, the Compact could be produced 2 sides, including Décor paper and overlay covering Kraft Paper on the top and bottom.

Thickness depends on the number of Kraft Paper sheets to support high impact resistance. Especially the minimum thickness of the Compact Laminate is 2mm, it might not apply the Chipboard as MFC/MDF that means we absolutely use single sheets to resolve issues in interior space where enquires to sustain high impact.

Compact Laminate

2. Standard size

  • 4ft x 8ft 
  • 6ft x 8ft 
  • 6ft x 12ft

Thickness 2mm to 25mm.

Standard thickness 12mm

3. Characteristics

  • Highly durability, effect on a strong impression.
  • Dimensional stability. High resistance to the influence of water, steam, heat and frost.
  • Easy to maintain: Hygienic, no dust attraction and stain resistance make HPL easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Eco friendly: Non-poisonous and can be recycled, Fire resistace
  • Multiple patterns and colour product categories.

4. Application – Recommended Uses

The Compact Laminate is an excellent solution for the high-impact surface in many specialized spaces where likes Liner, Locker, Toulet Cubicle System, wall cladding system, cabinets, etc.

5. Collection

Based on High-Pressure Laminate, Compact Laminate Collection also has a variety of patterns and colour categories, texture finishes options, premium performance features and awe-inspired results.

PHUC THANH AN would like to suggest a variety of Interior Designs to decorate your home and working place. Assist our customers to find the perfect products is our top priority.

You can refer to our E-Catalogue to find more information about our products.

If you need any further information about Laminate, Compact, Solid Surface or Interior Design; please do not hesitate to Contact us.

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