Wilsonart® produced an exceptional finishing surface material only for highly corrosive environments where resists the hardest of acids, bases and solvents. Wilsonart® Chemsurf becomes a useful Laminate for cabinets, casework, counters and tabletops in the Laboratory, hospitals, photographers’ darkrooms, beauty salons and product testing facilities. This is clearly a perfect solution for advancing the excessive costs or weight instead of other materials such as slate, stainless steel or epoxy.

In the Vietnam market, PHUC THANH AN has always been proud of having a stable position in the segment providing highly quality Chemsurf® with three specific colours: White, Grey and Black. Plain Colours are popular selections due to simplicity and usefulness being suitable for almost hygienic and aseptic atmospheres.

On this one, PHUC THANHH AN brings you into especially two designs in Wilsonart® Chemsurf® Collection to celebrate the simple and elegant beauty. 1595 Black and D381 Fashion Grey are considered top-selling Chemsurf® to be perfect solutions between performance and aesthetics.

1. 1595 Black:

Most of our customers will perfect dark-coloured Chemsurf® for choosing coloured materials since the features of exclusive spaces. An aseptic room avoids ostentatiousness and focuses on the effectiveness of materials, so it is meaningless that we get too involved in over-drawing. All of this will be a suitable solution to escape our distraction from attacking bright colours in highly required atmospheres.

Wilsonart® offers mixed varieties of Colour match portfolios that Tabletop (Protector colour) combines with Cabinet and Wall (HPL colour).

The colour association gets harmonious and remarkable rooms between dark and bright tones combined with WoodGrained Laminate.

2. D381 Fashion Grey:

Grey is the favourite colour to select the finishing surface material in almost spaces due to its original and neutral beauty. Easy to design and combine with other colours, D381 Fashion Grey is considered the most common design of Wilsonart® Chemsurf for reserved specific environments.

Wilsonart® offers mixed varieties of Colour match portfolios that Tabletop (Protector colour) combines with Cabinet and Wall (HPL colour).

PHUC THANH AN suggests the mixed design that associates exclusively with three colour shades: beige, neutral and dark hues.

Please Contact us if you need to inform the various colour palette of Wilsonart® Chemsurf.

PHUC THANH AN would like to suggest a variety of Interior Designs to decorate your home and working place. Assist our customers to find the perfect products is our top priority.

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