A special finishing surface material, Wilsonart® Chemsurf is engineered to serve an exclusive purpose for resisting the hardest of acids, bases and solvents in highly corrosive environments. Wilsonart® Chemsurf applications consist of Laboratory cabinets, casework, counters and tabletops in hospitals, photographers’ darkrooms, beauty salons and product testing facilities.

Chemical-Resistant Compact Chemsurf owns exceptionally chemical and wear resistance only existing in Wilsonart® Performance Laminate Collection. This is obviously a multitalented solution for improving the excessive cost or weight instead of other materials such as slate, stainless steel or epoxy.

In the Vietnam market, PHUC THANH AN has always been proud of having a stable position in the segment providing highly quality Chemsurf® with three specific colours: White, Grey and Black. The variety of Chemsurf® Colour Portfolios expands not only Plain Colours but also others grains, especially Stone Colours being interested by target audiences.

PHUC THANH AN brings you into especially two designs in Wilsonart® Chemsurf Collection to celebrate nature’s inherent beauty. Calcutta Mable 4925 and Pearl Soapstone 4886      express the details and flowing movement of marble and soapstone. These are excellent ideas for your lab towards striking a perfect balance between performance and aesthetics.

1. Calcutta Mable 4925

A classic marble design with wavering and variegated sizes of grey and taupe vein, Calcutta Mable 4925 makes a signal stone influence on shades of grey that exposes intricate depth and detail. With modern colour interspersed specific veining marble, this striking design creates an elegant and hygienic space.

Wilsonart® offers mixed varieties of Colour match portfolios that Tabletop (Protector colour) combines with Cabinet and Wall (HPL colour).

2. Pearl Soapstone 4886

The silver-brown soapstone gets a highlight by vivid light-grey particles. Pearl Soapstone 4886 has modern industrial beauty through the unique dark-tone adorned fluffy spots around. An innovation space spreads specifically the natural breath inside instead of boringly monotonous rooms with aseptic atmospheres.

Wilsonart® offers mixed varieties of Colour match portfolios that Tabletop (Protector colour) combines with Cabinet and Wall (HPL colour).

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PHUC THANH AN would like to suggest a variety of Interior Designs to decorate your home and working place. Assist our customers to find the perfect products is our top priority.

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