Lab Solution

Wilsonart® Chemsurf® is contrived to serve an exclusive mission for developing a quality, durable and performance surface material in highly corrosive environments where resist the hardest of acids, bases and solvents. Regarding the composition and features through Content: A New Era of Laboratory, PHUC THANH AN suggests perfect areas for applying Chemsurf® included Tabletop and Cabinet Color Portfolio that could support you take advantage of using maximumly useful and function well as improving the excessive cost or weight instead of other materials such as Ceramic or Epoxy.

Wilsonart® Chemsurf® is a perfect solution for the worktops of laboratory furniture in special environments where are frequently exposed to chemical or bacteria pollution, such as in the scientific research institutions, testing facilities in the industries of chemistry, pharmacy, food and cosmetics; and those in the healthcare facilities such as hospital reception desks, nurse stations, healthcare offices etc.. On the other hand, all testing organizations, all environment-related departments as wastewater treatment factories, dark rooms for photography and beauty salons are all to find Wilsonart® Chemsurf with high performance.

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