The Difference between woods

Wilsonart® Oak Wood Laminate

Almost Oak Wood has straight-grained and irregular rough textures. A slight curve of straight-grained is similar to the rays running alongside the veins as a light rain. One other specific characteristic is “Figured wood”. Sometimes, the veins could look like someone drew wavy points into the texture by a dark pencil. Moreover, owning a popularly dark chocolate colour always attract attention to someone favouring luxurious and modern interior space.

Oak Wood is used to design the background and furniture such as wardrobe, cabinet, tabletop, etc. PHUC THANH AN suggests the exceptional inspiration from Wilsonart® Oak Wood Laminate designs blowing natural breath in interior design.

1. 4287 Noble Oak

Based on the original beauty of Oak Wood, the generally straight-grained combined with the elegant dark-liver colour would get a strong impression on someone looking for luxurious and harmonious interior designs.

2. 4419 Rusputin Oak

The rippled bird-eyes figures appear a dense frequency to be a specific characteristic of 4419 Rusputin Oak. The classic dark-chocolate colour combined with special textures, is a perfect choice for interior designs get the inspiration of classic nature and modern concept.

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