Wilsonart Patterns Laminate

Rustic Material

1. What is Rustic Material?

Real, raw, and rough are all common adjectives for describing rustic material. It might be unprocessed woods, heavy stone, and real brick.  More and more people favor Rustic interior design due to its deep, accent and down-to-earth beauty. Most of these hues and patterns can be found readily in nature, from the dark green of the leaves, the warm orange of the sunset, to the earthy brown of the mud.

PHUC THANH AN suggests two designs in Wilsonart Patterns Laminate Collection that are inspired by Rustic concept based on industrial influence through expressing rough, aged, and casual beauty. Rather than finding a sleek or glossy finish, you will absolutely use Rustic material as a perfect choice for interior spaces followed by your imagination.

2. 8327 Rustic Steel

The Rustic design combined with industrial style, 8327 Rustic Steel can clearly express rough and natural beauty through the earthy brown hue with a copper pattern.

3. 8334 Red Rustic

Holding an original and raw beauty of Rustic design, 8334 Red Rustic owns a deep, dark, and dramatic texture.

Additionally, remember that Rustic material might not just be for fixtures and furniture. It can be used for decorating backgrounds or anything from shelving units to kitchen bar stools. The application has a maximum expansion depended on cases we can imagine and create our private styles.

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