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Triangle Illusion

The triangle deputizes for growth, expansion, impregnability, realization; besides it could express stable and balanced energy. However, if we do not use triangle patterns properly, we will accidentally create compressed and uncomfortable emotions since the triangle also is remembered as a suspicious signal and get out of hand. That’s a reason why we have to understand the triangle meaning in decorative design and creativity unless triangle patterns could sharply influence on audience’s emotion and backgrounds.

Wilsoanrt Triangle Tone ˗ A unique High-Pressure Laminate owns specifically different shapes of equilateral triangle patterns. Wilsonart triangle-illusion game creates exciting feelings as well as burn your interior spaces into distinction and excellence.

PHUC THANH AN suggests three designs “Triangle Tone” with a full-size sample. We always would like to give our customers high-quality products and can maximize their satisfaction by supporting them to select suitable and perfect materials for their interior spaces.

Triangle Tone 22
Triangle Tone 21

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