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Wilsonart® Walnut Laminate

There is no doubt about it that Walnut is favoured in selecting a surface finishing material for interior design due to its deeply extraordinary beauty. Walnut makes a strong impression on designers through the strikingly dark-chocolate colour and the changeable hue. Layer opacity of the colouring shade reduces from heart-wood to outside. Further to the bark Walnut, the hue turns to light-brown and beige. One other specific feature of Walnut, the grain is clear, large and balanced that have either supple wavy lines or swirl up to create uneven ellipsis figures.

Based on the original and raw beauty, PHUC THANH AN suggests the diversity of specific laminate is inspired by Walnut wood through exclusively Wilsonart WoodGrains Laminate Collection. We always would like to bring the high-quality products and the best service for our customers that we could contribute to turn their dream come true.

Bringing the high-class and luxurious, Walnut has created the current trend of interior design art in using surface finishing materials for furniture, such as tables, wardrobes, worktops, etc. The warm tone of Walnut will burn comfortable and harmonious emotions in your spaces.

PHUC THANH AN would like to suggest a variety of Interior Designs to decorate your home and working place. Assist our customers to find the perfect products is our top priority.

Either you can refer to our E-Catalogue or PHUC THANH AN Series to find more information about our products.

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